Pike Festival 2017 or something like this 2017 in the joined Hasen and Heartbreak garden


friday 6 pm
Flower Strangers (https://flowerstrangers.bandcamp.com/)
P.U.F.F. (https://puffberlin.bandcamp.com/)
Boy John and Dj Marcel

saturday 4 pm
The Pissed Ones (https://thepissedones.bandcamp.com/)
Tupsi Tampon (https://tupsitampon.bandcamp.com/)
The Golden Schmucks

sunday 4 pm
Johnny Depp (https://jonnykurtvshankthetank.bandcamp.com/releases)
(XXX) (??????)
from 7 pm legendary vinyl auction and beer!!!

Painting by Anne Brandt

At present (since november 2016) we show paintings by Anne Brandt. You can learn more about her work here. See you!

pickelhengst exhibition

Last year (2015) we had an exhibition by pickelhengst publishers from Leipzig. By now we have a new exhibition, but here you can get more info about the publishers. Infos

Lab Circus

On the 18th of April we prepared lots of vegan burgers at the Lab Circus. We enjoyed this event and are happy to come back.